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Team Biographies:

Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you! All of our therapists are registered, licensed and able to direct bill for your insurance!

Denise Bechtloff:   

Denise is the proud founder of Alternative Touch Therapeutics (est 1998).  Denise has been a full time, registered massage therapist for 20 years, Esthetician for 14 years and permanent makeup tattoo artist for the past 11 years.  Her journey started as an interior decorator and although fun, was not a fulfilling career. Life lead her to massage therapy and after completing a year at Grant McEwan and another at The Edmonton College of Massage, a new found love for helping heal others was formed! Denise has always continued to upgrade her education and attends yearly massage conferences. Her educational background includes:

Sports/kineseo taping
Pre/perinatal massage, Infant Massage
Reiki (Master)
Craniosacral Therapy
Lymphatic Drainage
Thai Massage
Myofacial release, somato-myofacial release, myofascial cupping
Ear Candling
Hypnotherapy (non practicing now)
Orthopedic management of SIJT and low back dysfunction
Neuromuscular seminar for the atlas/axis/cranial base
Intro to Equine massage (special interest)
Scars and Adhesions: Breast cancer care
Open wound care certification

Micropigmentation, microblading and permanent makeup
Microdermabrasion, Facials/chemical peels
Manicure/pedicure/diabetic foot care
Eyelash extensionist (non practicing) eyelash perms, tints, all waxing
Spa Therapies (wraps, scrubs, hot stone etc)
Dermaplanning Facials
NEW! Microneedling Facial (otherwise known as Dermastamping Facial)

Denise loves custom designing each session for each of her clients with the wide variety of  modalities she offers, no cookie cutter treatments with her! Although she tends to be a deeper tissue therapist, she strives to have clear communication with her clients so that every one of her clients feels their needs/issues are addressed. Denise also appreciates feedback as this helps her learn and grow to be the best possible therapist she can be! Denise would love to see you or speak with you with any questions or concerns you may have. She books up quite quickly so it may be difficult at first to get in but we promise you she is worth the wait! Namaste!

Eryn Mclennan:    Proud to be the Manager and Much Much More    ....

Eryn graduated in 2015 with her advanced massage therapy certification. Along with her full time studies for massage therapy, she achieved her certification in Orthopedic Massage from the Institute of Pain Management in Richmund, Texas.  She has also completed her certification for Neuromuscular Therapy from the University of California and teacher assists for the Orthopedic courses in her spare time.  

Eryn is a great therapist who's calm demeanor radiates throughout her treatments. She has amazing skill at assessing, evaluating and correcting both chronic and acute conditions. Eryn's treatments are not excessively deep tissue but a combination of both gentle manipulations, to targeting pinpoint areas for deep muscle release.  

Charlene Carstairs

Charlene has been in the healing industry for the past 22 years. She started in the reflexology field in 1995, then soon graduated from the Alberta Institute of Massage in Red Deer in 1996.  Charlene has continually upgraded her knowledge extensively over the past 22 years including the following:

Thai Foot, Thai stem, Traditional Thai massage
Elemental life solutions (ayurvedic)
Jamu Massage
Equine Massage
Indian Head Massage
Kansa Kotvic
Face lift Massage
Hygntha Full body Massage
Pregnancy/supporting women in the birthing experience
Hot Stone
Reiki Master
Body Talk
Sports Massage level 1&2
Spa therapies
Trigger point/acupressure
Jin Shin Jyutsu is
Various levels of orthopedic assesment (Dr Salami)

Her techniques are quite interesting but with these unique treatments she is able to adapt to your healing needs. She provides a therapeutic, deep massage while still incorporating an element of relaxation into the session. Her specialty is getting into very specific, pinpoint areas causing the primary issues of pain with her sports minded like acupressure techniques.

Charlene is always a very cheerful, positive minded therapist who loves to help, listen and learn.  She is always open to feedback and is looking forward to seeing you soon! 

Heather Dickson:

Heather is a 2010 graduate from the Advanced Massage Therapy program at CDI College, and has spent the last 8 years working in a physiotherapy clinic, which has given her a treatment based style of massage as well as experience in treating a wide range of different conditions; from injuries sustained during motor vehicle collisions (such as whiplash) to repetitive strain injuries (such as tendonitis).  In order to better treat her patients Heather has continued to grow and expand her knowledge, taking courses in Lymphatic Drainage; which reduces swelling, while improving the immune system, Myofascial Cupping; which reduces fascial restrictions allowing for improved range of motion, and most recently a TMJ course which expanded on her knowledge of intra oral massage, a technique used to help relieve headaches along with pain and stiffness in the neck and jaw.  Heather enjoys personalizing each massage to match the treatment goals of her patients and believes that when combined with a healthy lifestyle massage helps to promote well-being and reduce stress.  

Brette Pidsadny

Brette is a 2016 graduate of the Grant McEwan massage therapy program! She is continuing on her education, currently working towards completing her acupuncture diploma from Grant McEwan! By 2019, we will have ourselves an amazing acupuncturist as well, lucky us! 

Until that time, you can enjoy a great treatment from Brette. She is a very positive, happy and easy going therapist that loves to give the best possible treatment! She is great at assessing your needs and her session preference is not a full body deep tissue but provides a firm massage with some deep tissue in those stubborn areas! 

Sydney Park

Sydney is a 2017 graduate of the Makami massage therapy program and is able to direct bill for insurance purposes!
Her treatments tend to be on the firm to deep side! 

Tenielle Schmaltz

Tenielle is a 2018 graduate  MH Vicors school of massage. She is Certified in Reflexology and Myofacial Cupping. Tenielle  has a natural Instinct for finding the issues and correcting them with a very nurturing, firm touch. Tenielle is always happy and has a super positive attitude that is reflected in her treatment style. 

Elyssa Speers :

Elyssa is Currently finishing her Advanced Massage Therapy 3000 hr Program. However she has achieved her 2200 hours and is able to Direct Bill Insurance Companies. More Info on her Treatment Style to come. 

Priscilla Taylor:
Priscilla Has been a practicing Massage therapist for 16 yrs. With her many years experience she has added many tools to her tool box. Priscilla has a natural Instinct for finding the issues and correcting them with a very nurturing, firm touch.  

Samantha Swenson:

Samantha Is a Recent Graduate of the  MH Vicors School of Massage Therapy. 
More info on her Treatment style to come.

Chelsea Roth,   Acupuncturist :

Chelsea is a 2015 Grant MacEwan in Acupuncture and is Registered with the College and Association of Acupuncturists. Her Goal is to help clients achieve their best health and wellness through tailored treatments and support of their health goals.

Samie McLennan:

Samie  Graduated From MC College Esthetics Program with 1050 hrs of Training. She loves to do Lash Extensions, Waxing along with Manicures and Pedicures. Don't Let her age fool you she is bright and will Brighten your day as well.

***Student therapists Can Not Direct Bill or give Recites for submission to Insurance Companies.*****
                                   **************Student Massages are CASH ONLY**************

First aid, CPR & Ethics every second year as per ALL association requirements

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