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A Natural Approach to Better Health

Welcome to Alternative Touch professional Center!  The new revamped space is designed to house like-minded professionals for the best ethical practices of massage therapy, holistic services, acupuncture & spa services!

Come Experience the highly educated & talented therapists the center has to offer!

Because of the support of our loyal clients, Denise has been able to branch out and operate as a cooperative! The individual therapists are now independent and will continue to improve on client care, offering direct billing and full payment options as solo practitioners under one professional center!

Ready For Your Massage, acupuncture or holistic services?

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage can encompass a wide range of styles and treatment plans.  Everything from sports, rehabilitation, relaxation, deep tissue or pregnancy massage!


Acupuncture is an ancient Traditional Chinese medicine that dates back roughly 2500 years.. It is used to prevent and treat various illness and conditions.

Holistic Services

Holistic services are those of which  aid in your general well-being but not usually covered by insurance companies.  These may include reflexology,  Gua-sha or reiki


This is purely for indulgence! Services may include hot stone, hot scalp massage, ionic foot cleanse or infrared sauna

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